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Our courses are stepping stones to a new world, a world of excitement & opportunity, a world of Analytics.

Taught by faculty, who are currently practising Data Analysts, they will equip you with all the latest analytics tools and techniques, the arsenal you require to plunge straight into the intense battlefield of business.

So take your pick from the option of 2 courses: Analytics 360 or Analytics 360 PLUS, depending on whether you want to be adept on the Python platform.


A 360

Excel is by far the world's most popular spreadsheet, used pretty much everywhere you look in the business world—especially in areas where people are adding up numbers a lot, like marketing, business development, sales, finance, etc. Thus, Excel in its universality is now a must have skill in every business environment.
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The R tool is an open source framework, which grew as a result of a strong push by Google. Today, R is poised to overtake SAS as the most widely used tool in statistical analyses and with over 20,000 packages currently available, it has near limitless potential for business application.

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Structured Query language (SQL) is a computer language used to access a database. It is used for updating data on a database.


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                                         Analytics Base (AB)
Analytics Base (AB) includes fundamental concepts of statistics, and guides in building predictive models using multiple linear and logistic regressions. All of this is taught using live case studies with data from18 different industries, at ATI.

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                                       Advanced Analytics
With the aid of live projects, Advanced Analytics teaches you how to:
-Make your data look good using data visualization
-Forecasting using time series
-Finding patterns in large amount of text using text analytics and Machine Learning.

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A 360 Plus

All the above courses + Python
Tableau helps people visualize and gather insights from their data. By presenting data visually one can discover surprising patterns and observations that were not apparent by looking at data in the form of numbers alone. Tableau also allows you to create striking and powerful presentations to help you and your management in decision making

Python is an open source scripting language, known for its simplicity. It is extremely powerful and can be used for almost any statistical or analytical operation. As it is widely used in web development, it acts as an ideal bridge to support analytics in web based applications