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So, why should you Publish a Research Paper? 


Data shows that working on and publishing a Research or White Paper has definitive advantages for one's career. Here's why:

1. It improves the visibility of the person publishing the paper in the area they are working in

2. It shows the person to be someone of stature by indicating their interest to dive deep into their chosen area of work

3. It showcases the problem solving and research capabilities of the person (a clear advantage for a field like Analytics)

The Redwood Knowledge Centre (RKC) has devised an easy and convenient method to enable students of ATI to research and publish a paper.  In the field of Data Science, publishing papers which have serious amount of both quantitative and qualitative research definitely enhances one's profile.  

So, what is this method? To begin with, you need a topic on which to base your paper. This has been defined for you by RKC.  The topic in question is:

A Comparative Analysis of 2 Brands

So, what do you need to do next: 


For the pre defined topic, choose 2 brands. Eg, Nestle and Patanjali, or Netflix and Amazon Prime 


Send an email stating the brands you have chosen, and a brief synopsis of why you have selected them to us. (You can mail


Once we receive your email with the synopsis, we will send you a sample template (in PowerPoint) in which to present your research with a few simple guidelines to help you


Here are 3 important points to keep in mind while putting together your paper


2 -3 slides of your presentation should comprise all the quantitative analysis you have carried out (using either T test, Segmentation or Predictive Modeling)


2 -3 slides of your presentation should include visualizations of your findings (created using either Tableau, R or Excel)


1 slide of your presentation should include all links to websites that you have used as part of your qualitative and quantitative research


only papers that meet research standards of rkc will be 

1. Published on the Redwood Knowledge Centre page on

2. Showcased on the ATI Linked In and Facebook page

To help you churn out a quality Research/White Paper, your initial submission will be reviewed by faculty and Analytics Consultants from ATI and Redwood Algorithms.  You may be required to revise your paper based on suggestions from them.

So, ready to get started?

email us your choice of brands today

work towards publishing your own research/white paper!