Maximizing Career ROI through Analytics - Pramod Menon

By, Mouna Devaiah.

When it comes to the subject of Analytics and its Career Prospects, there is no student of Analytics who wouldn’t be interested. That is why Pramod Menon’s Guest Lecture on Maximising Career ROI through Analytics garnered a lot of interest among the students of AT.

But there is no taking away from the fact that even an exciting topic can be rendered boring if the lecturer, no matter how qualified, is not adept at teaching. Fortunately for us, Pramod Menon’s lecture was the exact opposite. It was one of our most interactive sessions ever. Pramod added a new element of excitement to his lecture, by gifting prizes to students who asked the most intelligent questions. It helped pump up the energy in the room, in addition to creating a unique experience for the students.

Pramod Menon began the lecture by laying emphasis on the fact that, in career choices, the brand value of the employer organization is extremely important while starting out as well as for one’s future career development. He enunciated that while it is important to switch organizations for growth in career and remuneration, it should be timed well. He had his own career progress to lend veracity to this.

The Lecturer successfully covered not only the rudimentary aspects of Career and Analytics, he opened up a lot of other dimensions related to them. It provided new insights and perspectives on the topic and created new vistas of thought patterns.

To find out more about Pramod, you can view his profile on LinkedIn.