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New Pricing Plans

Changes are coming to the ATI Pricing for our flagship A360 course which also comes with a paid Internship Programme - RAP!


Post August 1st 2021, we will be introducing new pricing plans which means this is your last chance to sign up for an ATI course, and still be eligible for an internship at the existing price of INR 39,942 + 18% GST.  


Also we are restricting intake at the existing prices to just 20 seats. 

Ai, ML and Digital have emerged from being fairly niche to mainstream. As this sector grows, so is Redwood Algorithms - the parent company of ATI. At Redwood, we are expanding our global footprint and need access to the best talent. This is why we are restructuring our highly successful Learn + Intern programme so that we can build a world class team fromwithin the ATI student pool. Our intake at the revised pricing (indicative price increase of 200% over the existing price) will also be limited so the best students get nurtured and deployed in cutting edge Ai/ML projects.

Analytics for ALL!

At ATI, we have always believed in our motto of providing analytics for all. Over the last 14 years, the A-360 course has impacted the lives of over 25000+ individuals.

ATI is the only institute that is part of a Data Science consulting company - Redwood Algorithms


We provide 169 hours of live online classes followed by a paid internship at Redwood Algorithms
As a part of the internship students gain experience working on 10-15 live projects thus making them industry ready

Benefits you get if you enroll before 1st August 2021

Benefits you get if you enroll before 1st August 2021

Benefits you get if you enroll before 1st August 2021

We know you care for your future, so do we therefore we are here to update you
regarding the change. We would like to let you know why you should enroll at the earliest

You get access to the premium A-360 Program at a cost of INR 39,942. Post
August 1st 2021, there will be an increase in price (indicatively 200% over the
existing price). We will also be limiting intake of students per month  so that
we are able to provide the best in Ai and ML training and nurture talent that
can work on cutting edge projects

You will be eligible to apply for RAP- The Redwood Apprentice Programme at
the current price (this would not be applicable at this price post 1st August 2021)
RAP being a paid internship programme, you can earn while you learn

You jump-start your career in the  Data Science industry at a lower cost than ever

RAP makes you industry ready!

RAP- Redwood Apprentice Program is an initiative of Redwood Algorithms, a Data Science consulting company

You get training and guidance from both trainers and the team at Redwood Algorithms, who have a cumulative experience of 50+ years in Ai/ ML and Digital technologies. You become a highly skilled Data Science professional

You get an opportunity to work on 10-15 live projects which is a necessity in order to become a skilled Data Scientist

You will receive a good stipend while you intern

You have an opportunity to be part of a fast growing company- Redwood Algorithms - that is rapidly growing on the global front as well

Still have questions?

We’re happy to help with any questions you might have. More information is also available on our website (click the link below)

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