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 New Interface Use guide Lines:

Step 1 Go the Link given below:

Step 2 Click on Lost Password Option.

Step 3 Enter the email id registered with ATI.

Step 4 Click Send Request to get an email notification

Step 5 Reset password through the link received in the email. if the email is not found in Inbox, Please check the Spam folder.

Step 6 After Resetting password login to the Student Portal using registered email id and new password.

Step 7 Go the link below to Install the Android Application from Play store.

Step 8 Use same Email id and Password to login and you are All set with new ATI Student interface.

In case if you are facing any issue with the new application. Please fill up the below form and we will revert with solution.

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The new application comes with new features as mentioned below.

Interface (Website and Android App)

1. Personalized View according to the course enrolled for

2. Handy Android Application

3. Student profile - all student-related information.

Booking (now easier and faster)

1. Booking Classes if the seat is available

2. Waiting List if the seat is full

3. Cancellation of booked classes 

4. The syllabus which will be taught in class.

5. Schedule on the timing of class on a particular scheduled day.

Placement/ Job Vacancy

1. Announcement of new vacancy or drive in Companies for Analytics and Data Science related roles.

2. RAP (Internship in Data Science) Announcement.

3. Job openings announcement with Redwood Algorithms for different roles in the Analytics field.

Assessment (Test Series)

1. Test Material for better learning, practice & engagement

2. Interview Questions for preparation.

3. Kaggle Case Study for attending RAP.


1. In-app (Android) notification on adding a new batch.

2. All email notifications sent regarding the class schedule.


1. Quick Announcements.

2. Class reschedule or cancelled notice.


1. Keep track of attendance marked by Institute for a booked class on attending that.

2. self-checking attendance interface for information on course completion.