The Redwood Apprentice Program

Data Science Internships exclusive to the students of ATI. Click on the button below to glance through the A360 Course!

When we say we prepare a student for a career in Data Science,


RAP is conducted in collaboration with Redwood Algorithms, a premier Data Science Company.


1.Intern with Redwood Algorithms for 3 months.

2. Work as a Data Science Associate.

3. Get a chance to work on Data Science driven Digital Marketing Client Projects.

How RAP has helped our Students Build their Data Science Career

Listen to one of RAP Alumni, who talks about her experience and journey as a Data Science Associate in the Redwood Apprentice Program.

Not sure about leaving your current professional stream and learning Data Science? Unsure about whether you have the skills to take on Data Science roles? Here are a few of our students who took the plunge and moved into Data...


"I gained practical experience on Data Analysis which helped me enhance my skills. The Faculty's teaching technique is fantastic, and they truly helped me comprehend the reasoning and coding behind each situation. I would like to Thank Redwood Algorithms for being a part of my Data Science Journey which helped me get a job in Capgemini as an analyst."

Sri Sarath Chandra Vajjha, RAP Summer Batch 2021


I had the opportunity to work on a live project and got a chance to go to Vietnam. Specially in the field of data science, you’ll get good learning experience.

Gurjot Singh, RAP Spring Batch 2020


I applied for the RAP Internship Program, and got into it. it is hard work, there is no putting it lightly. However, it might be the best investment I’ve done for my career.

Anvi Kishore, RAP Monsoon Batch 2020

Organizing Data

Gurjot Singh is a IT Graduate who worked in Business Development before joining ATI. As part of his internship he was sent onsite to a client location to work on a Data Science project. He is currently working full time at Redwood as an Analyst.

Anvi Kishore has been a Software Engineer for 6 years. She took a break to care for her child. Anvi joined ATI as she wanted to get back to work. She is currently working on building a Recommendation Engine for a Health Insurance client.

Completed Engineering?
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I got hands-on experience with real time projects which totally gave me theoretical as well as practical knowledge. It was a very good platform to develop our skills and to understand the working environment.


ATI provides an internship program where one can know how the outside world works on a real time basis. Now, I’m confident that I can work in any type of working environment.

Geethu Bennyson, RAP Summer Batch 2020

 Jyoti Sai, RAP Monsoon Batch 2020

A woman at the office overlooking the city skyline

Geethu Bennyson is a Civil Engineering graduate. During her internship she worked on a reporting automation project using SQL and SAS Viya for a large financial services organization in the Far East.

Jyoti is an Engineering graduate. He joined ATI to start his career in Data Science in 2019. Through RAP, he is working on building a Recommendation Engine for a retail store's  website.

Straight out of college?
How can ATI and RAP help you break in to a career in AI and ML?


Rijo Thomas,
RAP Monsoon Batch, 2018

Theory blended with practical exposure from live projects helped me to boost my knowledge & hence confidence.

Rijo worked as a salesforce developer in the middle east before enrolling for ATI’s course. During his internship he worked on a chatbot project and on implementing digital analytics for an internal client of Redwood Algorithms.

Chetan C,
RAP Monsoon Batch 2018


Chetan completed his MBA and worked for 4 years in a BPO before enrolling for ATI’S course. During his Internship he on worked on implementing Redwood’s Social Intelligence Stack solution for a BFSI Company in South East Asia.

After classroom training, implementation of that learning into practical was really useful.

It will definitely help in career growth.


Gayathri G,
RAP Festive Batch 2018

In RAP we got to know, Data Scientists begin by translating a business case into an analytics agenda, developing hypotheses, and understanding data—as well as exploring patterns to measure what impact they will have on businesses.

Gayathri worked as an asst professor prior to enrolling at ATI. During her internship she worked on media analytics and building a datamart on sql. She currently is responsible for managing datamarts, and building regression models for a global bfsi client.