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A smart investment that can bring a paradigm shift in your career.

Become A Data Scientist & master the Power of Data Analytics!

With ATI, you are not only exposed to a great team of in-house data science trainers, but you are also exposed to faculty across the globe, so you get different perspectives from industry experts. This ensures that you are equipped with the skills to kick start your career as a
data scientist.

Transforming Careers since 2007

Karthikayini was an Engineering Professor before joining ATI.

She then took a maternity break to focus on her child. On completing the ATI Course in 2021, she is now a full-time Data Science Manager at Redwood Algorithms.




Getting back to work embracing motherhood


Rijo was a Embedded Systems Engineer and a Salesforce Analyst

On completing his ATI Course, he is now a Regional Manager in Adventum.



Transition from Tech 

into Data Science


Anu was a Senior Research Fellow before she took a career break of 2 years. 

On completing her ATI Course, she is now a Marketing Analyst at HP



Transition from Non-Tech to Data Science


Nagesh was an MBA Graduate before he joined ATI.

On completing his ATI Course, he is now a Data Science Consultant at Redwood Algorithms



Augment your career with Data Science



Asritha was an Engineering Graduate before she joined ATI to upskill with Data Science. 

On completing her ATI Course, she is now a Data Analyst in Annalect.



From a Graduate to Data Scientist



A holistic approach to starting your Data Science Career!

You are able to experiment in our curriculum so that you do not get framed into a specific role such as that of an R programmer or a Power BI specialist. Instead, the students can implement the course content with real-life projects, gain skills like that of an actual Data Scientist, plan their moves, and grab opportunities promptly.

Database Management
Data Wrangling
AI / ML Models
Data Visualisation
 Internship Opportunity