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Why should I opt for a course in Analytics?

To add a new question go to app settiIf not Analytics what else do you think can help boost your career? * Knowing Analytics is vital in any profession – whether you’re into operations, logistics, sales, market research or any other field. It’s the best medium to help you take better business decisions and find solutions by accessing the data available to you. * To understand the data, you should first know how to look at the data and this is where a data mining tool and Analytics techniques come in handy. * Analytics tools will help you clean your messy data and give you the appropriate value that you’re looking for. * By looking at the data report you can’t find any solution but by applying predictive techniques you’ll be able to successfully forecast and suggest the solution for a given problem. * At ATI we offer you a combination of all the necessary tools in the market combined with useful Analytics techniques.ngs and press "Manage Questions" button.

Why do I need to learn all the tools covered under your course?

The world of analytics is ever growing. Knowing just one tool and technique will not help you in the long run. Tools and techniques used to analyze data vary across industries and domains. Learning more than one tool will provide you with competitive advantage and a high scope of growth in the field of analytics.

What does Open Source mean?

Open source tools are the ones that perform a very specific task, in which the source code is openly published for use and/or modification from its original design, free of charge. Open source tools are typically created as a collaborative effort in which programmers improve upon the code and share the changes within the community, and are usually available at no charge under a license defined by the Open Source Initiative.

I do not know any programming or statistics. Will I be able to learn Analytics?

Teaching Analytics is something that we have deep expertise in. We’ve been working with over hundred corporate clients to enable their teams with Analytics knowledge and we’ve witnessed first hand the way in which they are able to learn and perform well.The key to understanding analytics though is practicing. Our course will require you to do regular assignments with which you will be industry ready in no time.

What are the learning outcomes of course at ATI?

* By the end of this course Data won't be as overwhelming as it used to be and you’ll be making great insights like a pro. * You’ll now be able to apply what you learnt across multiple areas like HR, marketing, finance, sales, sports etc. * This will also allow you to use advanced tools like R and SAS which are industry requirements in analytics. * You will be able to build Predictive Models like Logistic and Linear regression. * You will be able to relate any concept with real life examples.

How will a course at ATI benefit me?

The course will help you to improve your decision making skills, think Analytically which will help you get your reports out faster and even automate your data set.These skills will help look for a better job profile or scale up the ranks within the same profession/ company. The best part – this course comes in handy if you choose to start your own company as well!

I don't have any prior knowledge of Analytics. How can I showcase my knowledge of Analytics?

That’s no problem at all! You’ll be getting a course completion certificate from us. Not only that, you’ll also get to solve case studies from kaggle.com that allows you to post your results on your resume. Once you’re done with our courses, students can apply for internships through the RAP program.

Are there any pre requisites to taking a course at ATI?

Just these! * High school mathematics skills. * Software: MS Excel and MS Office need to be installed in your system * And you should be ready to ‘think out of the box’!

Could you please share some of the reviews from your past students?

Not a problem. Click here to read about what many of our students have had to say about us!