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Excel Shortcuts

Shortcut Key Description
Arrow Keys Moves left, right, up or down one cell
Home Move to the beginning of the row
End Moves to the Lower-left cell displayed in the windows
PgUp Moves up one screen
PgDn Moves down one screen
ctrl+PgUp Move to the previous sheet
ctrl+PgDn Move to the next sheet
alt+pgUp Move one screen to the left
alt+pgDn Move one screen to the Right
Ctrl+Home Move to the first cell in the sheet (a1)
Ctrl+End Moves to the last active cell of the worksheet
Ctrl+Arrow Key Moves to the edge of a data Block;if the cell is blank , moves to the first nonblank cell
Ctrl + Backspace scrolls to display the active cell
shift + f6 Moves to the previous pane of a window that has been split
ctrl+tab Moves to the Next window
Ctrl+shift+tab Moves to the Previous window
Ctrl+A Select whole sheet
Ctrl + C copies the selected Range
Ctrl + X cuts the selected Range
Ctrl + V it paste the copied Range
F1 display Help
Shift + F11 Insert a new Work Sheet
F2 Edit the active cell
Alt + F2 Save As
Ctrl + S Save
F2 Edit the active cell
F4 Repeats the Last Action, convert to absolute value for cell address
F5 Go To
Shift + F5 Displays the Find Dialog Box
F2 Edit the active cell
F7 Spelling
ALT+=(equal sign) Insert the AutoSum Formula
Ctrl+;(Semicolon) Insert the Current Date
Ctrl+: (Colon) Insert the Current Time
Ctrl+K Insert a Hyperlink
Ctrl+Y Redo the previous task
Ctrl+Home Goes to beginning of the Sheet
Alt+Space Bar Minimize (or) Maximize (or) Close
Ctrl+Down Arrow Move to the End of the Column
Ctrl+Right Arrow Move to the End of the Row
Ctrl+Space Bar Select the Column
Shift+Space Bar Select the Row
Ctrl+ + (Plus) Insert Cell
Ctrl+ - (Minus) Delete Cell
Ctrl+Shift+$ Apply the Currency format
Ctrl+Shift+~  Apply the General format
Ctrl+Shift+% Apply the Percentage format
Ctrl+Shift+! Apply the Number format with decimal places, 1000 separator
Ctrl+Shift+& Apply the outline border
Ctrl+Shift+_ Remove all Borders
Ctrl+9 Hide Rows
Ctrl+Shift+( Unhide Rows
Ctrl+0 (zero) Hide columns
Ctrl+Shift+) Unhide columns
Ctrl+Shift+* Select the entire range of cell you're working on, but not the empty cells around the list.
Ctrl+1  Display Format Cells dialog box
Ctrl+TAB Move between open Work books
Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn Move between the worksheets
Ctrl+End Move to the End of the Sheet
Ctrl+Shift+End Block the Whole sheet
Alt + Down Arrow To select from the Drop List During Filter