"It was a wonderful learning opportunity ... and I had a really good time attending the advance excel workshop in Mumbai."

Ravi Teja
Analyst-Ola cabs
15th April, 2013

"Truly appreciate the way you taught Excel VBA today. I liked the way you used personification for easy rememberance, like the burger method and so on. Our brains are wired to create associations

Arvind Sridhar
13th April, 2013

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We have built analytics capabilities for ovr 200 companies

Corporate Training solutions provided by ATI aims to empower, primarily the Analytics and MIS departments of leading Organizations with customized courses for better decision making use of analytical tools and techniques. These courses include industry specific case studies designed in conjunction with the client so that the participants get first-hand experience in working with data sets specific to their industry. We’re a nimble organization capable of delivering tailor made courses for specific needs.

We’ve created ground up high end analytics capability in about 200 companies over 5 countries since 2008. Our customer’s continued trust over the years has transformed us from a training vendor to a strategic business value enhancer. And by working with these diverse organizations we’ve gained exposure to data applications in areas like weather prediction, retail analysis, terrorism forecasting, social media monitoring, finance, medicine, life-sciences, product design, ecommerce, manufacturing, media, hr etc.

Our offering is quite simple: Quality, every single time. To find out how we can help your organization live with its big data and build the analytics capabilities, drop us a line. You can call us at: +91-9980200630 or mail us at hari@redwoodassociates.in . We’ll get back to you at the earliest.



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