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ATI Vantage

ATI Vantage is the advantage a student gets from choosing us as a complement to their traditional college education or career. Our courses have several unique features that are guaranteed to give your career the ATIVantage it deserves!


Industry Applicable

Our courses are created by the industry (a team of analytics veterans with in excess of 30 years of combined corporate experience), disseminated by the industry (analytics consultants who are constantly engaged in research, consultancy and automation projects) and 100% industry oriented. Each class will discuss a theoretical construct and then immediately jump into case studies, examples, lively discussions and hands-on practice sessions, ensuring you don’t just know ‘how to apply analytics’ but have actually ‘applied analytics’ before you move to your next job role!


Unlimited Practice

Didn’t we say learning never ends in ATI? We allow- and even encourage- and in some cases insist that you use our facilities for multiple practice sessions during and after the course. Once you enroll in ATI, you are an ATI student for life, and can come over to discuss issues with trainers or practice for a few hours whenever you like for the rest of your lives.


Post Course Support

During, or after your courses, enlist yourselves for our newsletters, healthy online community and e-learning portal, ensuring that you are networked with ATI’s alumni- who enjoy diverse roles across several large corporations, up to date with the analytics world, and have a platform to showcase your skills and interests to many potential recruiters.


Continuous Innovation

Every time you feel the need to upgrade your skills, walk over to the nearest ATI. We are always designing new courses for different facets of life, organizing guest lectures and industry interactions, or adding new case studies of the latest analytical techniques to our repertoire. Innovation doesn’t end at ATI, and neither should your ATI association after one course! Stay in touch with us, and we will partner in your success through our unique ATIVantage!