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Careers in Analytics

A Careers in Analytics - Vijaya Ghosh

For our students who have completed their Analytics education or are still pursuing it, there is no topic more interesting and relevant than Careers opportunities in Analytics.

Vijaya Ghosh, our guest lecturer, had a very difficult task, to clarify each and every doubt and meet the stringent expectations of the audience. But she managed to do it wonderfully. The audience was hooked in fast and hard. She started the lecture by addressing rudimentary concepts like Opportunity, Career Paths and Typical Skill Requirements, but took those topics much farther and deeper than their conventional definitions and focused on new perspectives as well.

Since the topic involved Analytics, throughout the session she had lots of pertinent data to corroborate everything she was saying. And that was enough to raise and sustain the interest level of the entire audience throughout the lecture.

The data included:

1. What is the Opportunity in Analytics?

2. New Analytics Jobs by Industry

3. Career Paths

4. Three Key Areas of Expertise

5. Typical Career Timeline

6. Typical Skill Requirements

It was an exhaustive and comprehensive coverage of Analytics in the industry with a clear direction on how to capitalize on it.

In the Big Data career path section, she laid out the clear demarcation between Data Analytics and Big Data, with Big Data being much less technical. She broadly sectioned the Analytics industry into Three Key Areas of Expertise and what they entailed.

She finally closed the lecture by tabling the Typical Skill Requirements between Data Analysts, Business Analytics Professionals and the Predictive Analytics Professionals.

All in all, it was a very informative and much required topic that she elucidated on, resulting in an enthusiastic response from the audience.

To find out more about Vijaya, you can view her profile on LinkedIn.


Photo by on Unsplash