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Analytics Applications

Analytics in the Industry - Siddhartha Roy

Although Siddartha Roy’s Guest Lecture was titled ‘Analytics in the industry’, it was one exhaustive session that touched almost every aspect of Analytics, from its evolution to its future. The audience learnt way more than they had anticipated and they really appreciated the intensive knowledge session.

The lecturer started out by delineating the absolute basics like how numbers are the The Universal Language of Measures. This also makes them The Universal Language of Cause & Effect which eventually gives birth to patterns. He defined Analytics as finding the relationship/path of Cause to Effect. This was a novel and fascinating exposition of the topic, one that no one in the audience had encountered before.

After explaining how and why Data and Analytics has boomed, he outlined their universal applications in every business faction. From there he dived into the depths of ‘The Genesis of Analytics’ and the ‘Evolution of Analytics’ and their utilization of Data & Techniques. 

The entire presentation was jam-packed with lots of data, scenarios, data visualisations, examples and practical applications. Some of the important topics that the audience lapped up were:

1. Winning in the Real-time Economy

2. The Agile Culture

3. Why Analytics is both a scientific and a creative process

4. Are we aligned for Analytics?

5. What should we do with Analytics?

6. What is Analytical Competition about?

7. Analytical Competitors & Their Major Turnaround in Strategy & Culture

8. The Money Making Approach of Analytical Competitors

9. The Changing Analytical Landscape

10. How Analytics hinges on ‘Kick-Ass’ Leadership

11. Key Usage Patterns for Big Data & Analytics

12. Actionable Customer Insights Using Big Data & Analytics

13. Predictive Asset Optimization

14. Career Options in Analytics

15. Next Steps for an Analytical Success Story

As you can well imagine from the above, there was a lot of ground covered but it was lucid enough for the audience to easily grasp.

To find out more about Siddhartha, you can view his profile on LinkedIn.