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Creating Business Values through Machine Learning - Kishore Rajgopal

Kishore Rajgopal, Founder and CEO, NextOrbit conducted an interactive workshop on Machine Learning and it's application in business. Kishore has previously been associated with big names like Crowd Analytix, HCL, Capgemini and Infosys. An entrepreneur by profession, he loves to inspire people and bring out the best in them.

The format of the workshop was designed to maximize learning outcomes through a one to one interaction between the participants and the instructor. Participants were presented with a business problem of an E-commerce firm. The role of the participants was to help the firm resolve their problem of falling sales. The pattern adopted by Kishore was to split the participants into groups and perform a role play. The key ingredients of the problem involved

1.     Understanding and paraphrasing the problem in the right manner

2.     Critically examining the factors contributing to the problem

3.     Providing recommendations to resolve the above factors

4.     Examining the data required to arrive at a solution

5.     Delving into methods and techniques that could be applied to the problem

The participants were asked to brainstorm on the above points and come up with their solutions.

The whole process led to a flow of ideas at various levels of understanding. Participants came up with their unique solutions which were highly appreciated by Kishore.

Overall, the session introduced participants to the concept of Machine Learning and how it is helping businesses get automated these days. To put it simply,  Machine Learning is about putting data into a Loop Learning system. Machine Learning Algorithms are built in a way that it automatically takes the feedback from the new data generated and refines the model. The above exercise worked as a foundation for what is to follow in the coming sessions which would dwell more on the concepts of Machine learning.   

Compiled by Jagtar Dua for Analytics Training Institute

Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash