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The Evolution of Digital Analytics - Ahmad Abdullah

Ahmad Abdullah’s Guest Lecture topic “The Evolution of Digital Analytics” promised to be a much needed primer on the advent of analytics and its rapid spread to encompass every business faction including eCommerce. Currently working at LinkedIn, it was a matter of great pride for us at ATI to have Ahmad address our students, more so since he had previously interned at Redwood Associates, the parent company of ATI.

He started the session by outlining how the advent of eCommerce and digital platforms for marketers and advertisers spearheaded the huge and essential phenomena that is Analytics today. He spoke in depth about how modern businesses leverage Analytics in the digital realm to create the elusive but much needed competitive advantage.

Although every member in the audience knew the basic concepts of the Digital Analytics space, they benefited a lot from the in-depth knowledge of modern digital paradigms.

Apart from the coverage of the broad topics, the following were delved deep into:

1. Website analytics

2. How every step is important to attract traffic and have at least a 2% conversion ratio

3. Insights on major eCommerce sites like Amazon & Flipkart and their business analytics strategies

4. How the choice of digital platforms affect customer behaviour

5. How Ads & clicks generate quantitative insights on the effectiveness of particular business methodologies

In conclusion, it was a comprehensive, useful and informative session by Ahmad. No matter the individual knowledge level of each audience member, the guest lecture garnered new concepts for each and everyone.

To find out more about Ahmad, you can view his profile on LinkedIn. 


Photo by Bruno Gomiero on Unsplash