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Analytics 360

Analytics 360

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You are new to the arena, a bit lost and have come across this new jargon "analytics" or have been around and have an overall picture what it deals with or have solid industry experience and know exactly what it is and what you are looking for. Whichever bucket you fall into this is meant for you. In this wholesome, case study oriented program, you will be taken through the analytics concepts & tools, basic and advanced levels and you also get to have regular tete-a-tete with industry experts. All of it packed in this one course. Put it simply, you will end up having a good, hearty, well spaced out three course meal, that leaves you fulfilled, happy and super energetic, equipped to face any challenge head on!

Course duration: 148 hours

Medium of Instruction: Classroom

All students will be given unlimited access to ATI's pre-recorded videos (Analytics For All: Beginners to Experts) and would be required to go through selected videos before coming in for the classroom session.

Course Modules

  • Excel Fundamentals
  • Advanced Excel/ VBA
  • R Studio/Rattle
  • SQL Basics
  • Data Analytics
  • Discussions & workshops by experts in the field


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