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Analytics Training Institute

The education arm of Redwood Associates is a pioneer in personal analytics education and has trained more than 15,000 individuals over the last 8 years. At ATI we believe that every individual and organization can be trained to take smarter decisions with the help of analytics and our suite of courses help people across the globe to do just that.

Redwood Associates is an Analytics firm committed to developing intellectual property that helps every Individual take smarter decisions in the interest of the family and Organizations in the interests of the business.

We are a team of bright and dedicated techno- analysts with a passion to

Empower: The power of Analytics in its universality is second to none! Our vision is to empower every individual and Organization on this planet with this power, to enable them to make smarter decisions. We envision a world where every Organization has an analytically driven decision making culture, every Government has an analytical backend justifying every policy and change introduced and finally every Individual leading a fulfilled, hassle free life as a direct result of analytically driven decisions.

Innovate: We build techno- analytic solutions that help simplify every day decisions for both individuals and organization using analytical algorithms in the backend. Our first product provides a platform to Job Seekers to express themselves and for Corporates to assess and find the best candidate. With the advancement in technology and abundance of data, we believe that every individual has a right to find a job that they are best suited to and every HR has a right to hire a candidate best suited to their company.