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ATI's online program is perfect if you are 1) Not based in Bangalore 2) Have a serious time crunch 3) A night crawler. (we get it ! sometimes we just can't get our heads working in the day)

Before you scroll down to look at all of ATI's 11 courses here's what you get :

Lifetime access to the pre-recorded videos by our in-house data specialists, Downloadable practice files, A thriving discussion forum with round the clock support, Online support for all your doubts, Regular LIVE SESSIONS where you get to meet the trainer, 30 day money back guarantee

  • Rishabh Gautam
    I find this course very useful. All the complex things are explained in very simple terms. I would recommend this course to all who want to begin their career in analytics

  • Jaiyaramakrishnan
    Anyone want to become a data analyst, this course is the right way to start. What more the videos are often updated so investing in this course.

  • Arvind P
    I was looking for some online Excel courses to improve my skills and decided to give this a shot. In short, this has exceeded my expectation.

  • Timir Palan
    I must say that the course is designed very well, even the explanation of the concepts has been done in a logical (good examples from real life) & quite simple way.
Student Updates

For the frequent travellers- A brand new handbook has been included in the curriculum of AFA and R course. Now you can fly & learn

How to use R


Meet your maker teacher
The schedule for live sessions is up. Next session is on December 16, and the discussion would be on

Using SAS codes in R
Get all your Qs ready for Tuesday, 02:00 PM (IST)


Analytics for All

Our flagship course which covers all the tools and techniques of Analytics. We constantly update this course, therefore, take this course and rest assured that you will always be at the cutting edge in the analytics industry.
Now : $69
Actual : $199

Excel for All: Beginners to

All our Excel courses bundled in one great package from Excel basics, advanced Excel, creating apps to data visualizations using Excel
Now : $59
Actual : $149

Other Courses

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Data Analytics for Beginners

Getting started with analyzing Big Data.
Now : $29
Actual : $99

Learn R by Doing

Analytics made easy with R
Now : $99

Excel for Beginners

Journey of Raw Data to a Dashboard
Now : $99

Excel Automation

Complete all your monotonous tasks with a click of a button
Now : $99

Create your own App in Excel

Create interactive apps using UserForms.
Now : $39

Data Visualisation

Grab Eyeballs! Transform your information into something concise and beautiful (using Excel)
Now : $39

Text Mining for Bloggers

Blog your best. Analyze your own writing. No coding required.
Now : $19


Learn how to manage the back bone of any organization. Learn how to manage, store and manipulate data.
Now : $9


Now that you know analytics and are equipped with the tools to start your own empire, here's a few tips from experts telling you what to look out for and what not to do which will help you save not only your money but your precious time.
Now : Free