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What will be the timing for the batches?

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Why do I need to learn all the tools that you provide?

The world of analytics is ever growing. Knowing just one tool and technique will not help you in the long run. Tools and techniques used to analyze data vary across industries and domains. Learning more than one tool will provide you with competitive advantage and a high scope of growth in the field of analytics.

What are the payment options? Can I pay in installments?

You can pay by card (debit/credit), cash, cheque and net banking.
You can pay in two and three installments if you like. To know more please visit our ‘Payments’ page.

Why should I learn both R and SAS?

R and SAS perform similar functions. It depends on companies and their respective clients as to which tool do they prefer using. Unlike SAS, R is an open source tool.

What do you mean by open source?

Open source tools are the ones that perform a very specific task, in which the source code is openly published for use and/or modification from its original design, free of charge. Open source tools are typically created as a collaborative effort in which programmers improve upon the code and share the changes within the community, and are usually available at no charge under a license defined by the Open Source Initiative.

I do not know any programming or statistics. Will I still be able to learn everything in 30 days?

Teaching Analytics in 30 days is easy to do. We’ve been teaching over hundred corporate clients and we’ve seen how they are able to perform well.The key to understanding analytics though is practicing. Our course will require you to do regular assignments with which you will be industry ready in no time.

Your schedule requires me to be free for a full month, what if I cannot do this?

If you need a longer duration you can break up your sessions by attending relevant modules in different batches. Doing this though will prevent you from completing your course in 30 days and your course completion certificate will be issued only once you complete all modules.

For example you can choose Excel and R – in the first month followed by SAS and Analytics in the next month.

Who will be my Mentor?

Be assured to get quality training from ATI. Mentors/Analytics Consultants with excellent conceptual skills and ability to convey complex ideas using easy to understand methods and unique teaching styles. Analytics consultants have an impressive educational as well as professional track record. Some of them are from international universities and have over 2000 hours of training experience in retail and corporate space. They sort after for corporate trainings as well as retail training. There may changes in mentor when you move to advance topics from basic for your benefit.

How will the online videos help me?

We advise our students to learn specific modules from videos before attending any session in the classroom. This will ensure that in the classroom we utilize our time to discuss more advanced details and you would be able to maximize your classroom learning. In a sense, think of this video section as pre-requisites to sitting in a session.

Also, at a later date the videos will be handy to refresh concepts that you haven’t used in a while.

If i miss any classes can I attend make up sessions?

We will allow you to take up an alternate class if you let us know in advance. Seat allotments will be done on a first come first served basis, so ensure you decide your calendar in advance to avoid any last minute hiccoughs. Send us a mail at to confirm the seat availability.

I'm an ATI Alumnus and finished my course in 20--. Can I attend any doubt clearance session?

Please Click here to check schedule details.
You can choose your batch depending on availability.
Please check with your correspondent over phone/email for latest information.

How do I access study material?

After your enrolment you will get the student guide from Please follow the instructions mentioned in the guide and download your study material.

Do you provide certifications?

Yes, we provide course completion certificates and merit certificates

Do you offer placement service?

All new job opening are posted in LBR. Please register in LBR and follow job postings.

Do you provide assistance to create Resumes?

ATI is focusing only into quality training. We assume that people attending our trainings are professionals and have a clear understanding of their career path. We do not have resume building/mock interview sessions. However, you are always welcome to seek guidance from Analytics Consultants for professional guidance/ case study problems during your tenure at ATI.